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Do You Need to Destress?


As we hit the one year anniversary of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am getting so many requests for Yoga to Destress... and I'm not surprised! Whether you are suffering from Zoom fatigue, or miss a life without social distancing, or just have "life stuff" causing you stress... today's YouTube video will help.

  SAVE THIS VIDEO for the next time you need to destress! As we move through today's Yoga to Destress sequence, you will experience...

Extended Puppy Pose

"Paint the Room" Pose

Held Supine Twists, Goddess & Savasana Poses

We hope today's video brings you peace and helps you destress from your busy life. As a yoga instructor, my biggest compliment is, "I feel better!" and I hope this 20 minute video makes you feel just that way. Please enjoy and let us know what you think!



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Yoga For Your Core - A Quick 12 Minute Flow

Welcome, yogis to YouTube Wednesday! Every week we will add a new YouTube video, and you all on the newsletter get it first! Click on today's video for a free 12 Minute Yoga for Core Flow you can fit in any time. Today's class will have you working with:

  Cat & Cow Pose
  Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold
  Spinal Rotation

 Loved this week's video? Comment on today’s video with what was your favorite part or what you want to see next!

And if you have any requests for videos (thanks for answering my IG poll yesterday!)... DM us on Instagram @becomeyogaschool 


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