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Do You Struggle with Chaturanga?

Thank you to Richy who suggested today’s video in the YouTube comments!! Turns out a lot of you loathe Chaturanga Dandasana, so we created a vinyasa flow for you with the perfect replacement.

Our latest YouTube video is a vinyasa-less vinyasa I'm calling 💥 ZERO CHATURANGA FLOW 💥 and it was shot in a super-secret spot in NYC. Can you guess where this is? (I might just tell you at the end of  the vid)!

This "Vinyasa-less Vinyasa" is designed for YOU if you want a zero chaturanga vinyasa flow. Sore wrists? Gaining upper body strength? Just don't like them? We've got you. The sequence replaces the famous "vinyasa" with a down dog, child's pose and plank pose.

Today's class will have you working with:

✨ Twisted High Lunge 
✨ Extended Twisted Low Lunge 
✨ Vinyasa flow consisting of Down Dog and Child's Pose




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A Sunset Salutation for Your Spine

Do you get stuck on back-to-back Zoom calls?

Sitting on the couch all day at a non-ergonomic laptop? Haven't seen the outdoors in days? I got your back... literally. 

Click on today's video for a free 15 Minute Sunset Salutation Flow to work on twists, back bends, side bends to reinvigorate your spine.

Today's class will have you working with:

  Side Bends to Forward Fold
  Warrior 3 to One Legged Tadasana
  Spinal Rotation -- 3 Ways


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