Can you Lose Weight with Yoga?

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Can you Lose Weight with Yoga?

We certainly think so! And this week's YouTube Video is built just for that. This Cardio Vinyasa Flow is designed for YOU if you want to get a sweat, burn calories, lose weight through yoga or increase your cardiovascular endurance. Build up a sweat and tone your shoulders and glutes with this plyometric, cardio-focused yoga flow.

You can use this Free Yoga For Weight Loss Program to deepen your vinyasa practice, get a big calorie burn, start yoga for the first time or cross-train for your 5K.

As we move through today's Cardio Vinyasa Flow sequence, you will experience...

  • Handstand Jumps
  • Extended Side Angle
  • Fallen Triangle Pose
  • A Swift & Sweaty Vinyasa Flow

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