Why Your Online Yoga Class Isn't "Virtual"

Turned away yoga student holding a camera, recording another co-yogi doing yoga

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

Jewel here, the owner and lead instructor of Become Yoga School. As I write this blog, we are entering month 6 of the Covid-19 Quarantine of 2020. I have been fortunate enough to use this time well. I built the entirety of the 200 Hour Online YTT course offering of Become Yoga School. After teaching online classes at NEOU and signing up for the Talent Hack's Digital Business Accelerator, I was able to take my 5 weekly group classes to Zoom and start unlimited memberships for Rock Solid: Pilates and Rock Solid: Yoga. I was able to build a mailing list (with direction from Jess Glazer), create a community in my Instagram (thanks, Jera Foster-Fell) and went on to work with marketing guru, Jade Wesh to grow my own online yoga course, Become Yoga School.

I'm grateful that I can take my studio classes and sessions to an online format, but what I take a strong stand in is that they aren't VIRTUAL. They are online, they are streaming, they are web-based. But they are REAL. They offer the same safe space for my students to grow. They utilize the same amount of heart, the same amount of intelligence. And they actually require more sweat, because I'm now demo'ing everything! 

When I take class with my fave yoga instructor, Bethany Lyons, her energy and generosity are not virtual. They are real. She's talking through a camera, but she's also giving verbal cues and adjustments, cheering on her students and reminding me to breathe. Just like she did in her studio. I've also embraced the online space as a student, signing up for new faves. The connection and respect I have for them is REAL. It's online and REAL. When I sign up randomly for class with Big Toe Yoga Houston or Anthony Chavez yoga , I am so inspired and connected even though I have never met these instructors in real life. 

So, teachers, listen up. Do yourself a favor. Honor your energy and commitment to your students. Respect the work you've done quickly pivoting to the online space. Stop calling your classes VIRTUAL. Because they are online, they are dynamic, and they are REAL. 


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