Graduate in 30 days? 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Timelines That Work For Your Schedule

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Graduate in 30 days? 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Timelines That Work For Your Schedule

While the Become Yoga School 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program can be self-paced, we have created three graduation timelines to help you if you're looking to have your certificate in 30, 60 or 90 days.

The 30-Day Graduation Program is like a yoga teacher training intensive. It is ideal for previously-certified group fitness instructors, personal trainers and massage therapists, or those with personal yoga practices over 4 years. It works well for those with a strong knowledge of anatomy or asana -- dancers, actors, barre and Pilates instructors, instayogis and nurses. While it can be a viable program for first timers, it would become your full-time job! 

The 60-Day Graduation Program is a two-month timeline ideal for those with a strong personal practice (over 4+ years). If you've been regularly practicing with a certified yoga instructor for 3-5 hours a week, this timeline could work for you! It's ideal for teachers, stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, digital nomads, the self-employed, university students and people who regularly take classes at the gym. 

The 90-Day Graduation Program is what's most commonly used in the YTT world. Over three months, you can take your time to do exams, assessments and video uploads. Your three video teachbacks can be spaced out one-per-month and you have an ample amount of days off! This program is ideal for newbies, people who primarily practice on YouTube or Instagram, those who live far from a yoga studio, take fewer group classes, or just want more time to learn all there is in a Yoga Teacher Training program.

A breakdown of the hourly, daily and weekly workload: 

16 hours per week
2.22 hours per day (7 days per week) or
2.6 hours per day (5 days per week)

24 hours per week
3.33 hours per day (7 days per week) or
3.85 hours per day (5 days per week)

47 hours per week
6.66 hours per day (7 days per week) or
9.4 hours per day (5 days per week)

You can always learn the 21 Modules of Become Yoga School Online Teacher Training Course on your own time, but if you're looking for a timeline to stick to, we have options for you. Which timeline feels best to you?

You can build a career you love - and answer all your questions - by joining Become Yoga School

Even if you're never lead a class or spoken in public before. This is the program you need to become a yoga teacher now.


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