Do You Need to Destress?

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Yoga teacher kneeling and meditating with a river behind her and Become Yoga School logo

We are getting so many requests for Yoga to Destress... and we're not surprised! 

As we near the one-year anniversary of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the feelings are creeping in. Whether you are suffering from Zoom fatigue, or miss a life without social distancing, or just have "life stuff" causing you stress... today's YouTube video will help. 

As we move through today's Yoga to Destress sequence, you will experience...

  •  Extended Puppy Pose
  • "Paint the Room" Pose
  • Held Supine Twists, Goddess & Savasana Poses

We hope today's video brings you peace and helps you destress from your busy life.

As a yoga instructor, my biggest compliment is, "I feel better," and I hope this 20 minute video makes you feel just that way. Save this video on YouTube for the next time you need to destress. We hope it helps you lower your stress and connect again to your heart.

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