How to Build a Yoga Teaching Business From Scratch

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How to Build a Yoga Teaching Business
If you are planning on starting your own yoga teaching business, then you should properly prepare to successfully manage such an endeavor. Entrepreneurs are increasingly delving into this field due to its ever-expanding clientele who are in search of its mental and physical benefits. When it comes to converting yoga into a flourishing source of income, there are few tried and tested guidelines that you can follow. Follow these to establish a strong and bona fide yoga teaching business.

Acquire Your Yoga Certification
You should first acquire certification as a yoga instructor from an established authority. You can enroll in online yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses from certified yoga schools. If available in your area, you can also take an in-person YTT course, but they generally cost a lot more and require a long and strict schedule. In-person trainings can be 30 full days in person or numerous weekends over a year. They often run $2000-4000, not including lodging, books and classes. Online trainings generally cost less and can often be self-paced. So make the choice that is right for you. A 200 Hour Certification is the industry standard for yoga instructors and essential for beginning your yoga teacher business.  It also conveys confidence in you as a yoga teacher and can be used as a marketing strategy for you to gain and retain clients.

Develop a Business Plan
Most business ideas start taking shape once you draw up a business plan. You have to determine the amount of working capital needed to successfully run your yoga startup during its initial phases. You also have to set aside money that would cover your personal expenses. The plan must also include how you intend to meet staff and utility expenses, which will vary whether you rent a physical space, you aim to get hired by a studio, you're teaching out of your home or holding classes online . Your business plan often includes how much you charge for your yoga classes. The rates may vary depending on the level of competition in your locale as well as your target audience. Reverse-engineer your prices by adding up what your overhead costs are, scanning market prices in your area and creating a margin for profit. 

Build Your Following
Building a loyal following is crucial to the success of your yoga teaching business. Research the preferences of your current yoga students. Ask them what they want more of (and if they want less of something). You might be surprised by the answers, but they will help you develop your offering and build your connection with your students. Pay attention to their needs and choose your various yoga asanas with their feedback in mind. This helps you establish a rapport with them. It also increases the chances of them referring you to their fellow yoga enthusiasts. Another way you can build loyalty is by offering free or reduced classes, or a bonus, which is likely to heighten consumer interest.

Select a Perfect Venue
There are a few considerations you must address when it comes to choosing the perfect location for your yoga classes. If you intend to have a physical location, then your yoga studio should be somewhere accessible. The setting should also have a relaxing ambiance with proper circulation to allow students to unwind. If you teaching in a public park or community center, think about what permits or permission might be needed and how students will bring or store their mats and equipment. If you are hosting online yoga classes, ensure your internet speed can handle high streaming data and that your space looks clean, well-lit and great sound. While the overhead is lower, the tech requirements are higher. 

Serve Your Students
The biggest draw you have as an instructor is your connection with your students. There is something about your energy that they find valuable and you can further develop it by creating a special experience. Ask your audience what they are looking for. Come early and stay late to learn about their lives. When they feel connected, they will come back for more and support you as you grow your business. Being a teacher is an act of service, so always look to nurture these special relationships. 

These key guidelines can help you develop your yoga teaching business at any stage. Personalize these tips for your own business and lean into the ones that resonate with you most. Authentically, your business will start to grow and your yoga teaching will be able to shine!

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