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4 Key Reasons Why You Should Enroll in an Online Yoga Teacher Training

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

4 Key Reasons You Should Enroll in an Online Yoga Teacher Training

With the increase in popularity of yoga, there has been a variety of emerging teacher training programs. Options vary in location, focus, length and instructors. Online Yoga teacher training opens up the opportunity to more students -- and can equally prepare students to successfully gain certification as yoga teachers. As a learner, it allows you to delve deeper into the profession and use the online resources in a way that works best for your personal practice. To give you the necessary nudge that may prompt you into enrolling for one, here is further insight into the advantages that come with online yoga teacher training.

  1. It is Time Efficient
    For many prospective students, timing and scheduling often prove to be major roadblocks preventing them from enrolling in yoga classes. With an organized yoga teacher training, you simply just have to allocate the time you need to undergo the training itself. The allotted time could serve multiple purposes such as complete training-related assignments and read historical yoga texts. Luckily, online yoga teacher training programs often provide helpful insight on how much time you need to set aside to complete the course. Some online yoga packages have multiple yoga instructors and allow you to undertake training at your pace, therefore, meeting your individual needs.
  2. It is Economical
    Pursuing an online yoga course allows you to save a lot on costs such as accommodation, transportation and meals. These expenses often discourage people from pursuing their passion as it eats into their savings. By enrolling in an online yoga class, you will receive your yoga course manual, videos, and printables in the course packages. You often do not have to incur extra expenses in sourcing for materials. Additionally, the advice you receive from accredited yoga teachers is the same whether it's in-person or virtual. But because they are hosting the class online and not paying for rented studio space, the price can be more affordable for the students.

  3. It is Accessible Through Any Device
    You have the option to access the online yoga classes via either your tablet, smartphone, smart TV or laptop computer. The online lessons happen through pre-recorded or live video sessions. You can pick a schedule that is ideal for you. With a proper internet connection, you can use any streaming device at your disposal to gain access to yoga content, reading materials and training videos. You can also easily review downloadable yoga content even upon completion of the course. 
  4. It is Convenient
    Some offline yoga teacher training centers are situated overseas or in major cities, making it rather inconvenient for prospective learners. You would have to schedule ample traveling time for you to get to the yoga training center. You might also have a hard time opening your schedule for the studio's preset, inflexible dates. If there is not an offline yoga teacher training in your town, you might have to organize and pay for a hotel. There are numerous expenses and uncontrollable variables that come with traveling to a yoga studio or yoga teacher training center. Online classes allow you to remotely learn in the comfort of your home.

The affordability, convenience, and timeliness that comes with online yoga teacher training should be enough to prompt you to enroll in one. You are a few steps from simply signing up today!


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