Do You Struggle with Chaturanga?

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Do You Struggle with Chaturanga Dandasana?

Thank you to Richy who suggested today’s video in the YouTube comments!! Turns out a lot of you loathe Chaturanga Dandasana, so we created a vinyasa flow for you with the perfect replacement.

Our latest YouTube video is a vinyasa-less vinyasa I'm calling 💥 ZERO CHATURANGA FLOW 💥 and it was shot in a super-secret spot in NYC. Can you guess where this is? (I might just tell you at the end of  the vid)!

This "Vinyasa-less Vinyasa" is designed for YOU if you want a zero chaturanga vinyasa flow. Sore wrists? Gaining upper body strength? Just don't like them? We've got you. The sequence replaces the famous "vinyasa" with a down dog, child's pose and plank pose.

Today's Chaturanga-free flow will feature:

  • Twisted High Lunge Extended
  • Twisted Low Lunge Vinyasa 
  • Down Dog and Child's Pose


➡️ Have requests for our next video? 

We are here to make the videos that help fuel your heart and grow your yogic practice. Comment on today’s video with the style or poses you want to see next! And if you have any requests for videos, DM me on Instagram @becomeyogaschool 

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