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Do You Need to Destress?


As we hit the one year anniversary of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am getting so many requests for Yoga to Destress... and I'm not surprised! Whether you are suffering from Zoom fatigue, or miss a life without social distancing, or just have "life stuff" causing you stress... today's YouTube video will help.

  SAVE THIS VIDEO for the next time you need to destress! As we move through today's Yoga to Destress sequence, you will experience...

Extended Puppy Pose

"Paint the Room" Pose

Held Supine Twists, Goddess & Savasana Poses

We hope today's video brings you peace and helps you destress from your busy life. As a yoga instructor, my biggest compliment is, "I feel better!" and I hope this 20 minute video makes you feel just that way. Please enjoy and let us know what you think!



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Can you Lose Weight with Yoga?

Can you Lose Weight with Yoga?

We certainly think so! And this week's YouTube Video is built just for that. This Cardio Vinyasa Flow is designed for YOU if you want to get a sweat, burn calories, lose weight through yoga or increase your cardiovascular endurance. Build up a sweat and tone your shoulders and glutes with this plyometric, cardio-focused yoga flow.

You can use this Free Yoga For Weight Loss Program to deepen your vinyasa practice, get a big calorie burn, start yoga for the first time or cross-train for your 5K. As we move through today's Cardio Vinyasa Flow sequence, you will experience...

Handstand Jumps

Extended Side Angle and Fallen Triangle Poses

A Swift & Sweaty Vinyasa Flow

‍‍ Thinking about Becoming a Yoga Instructor?? ‍‍

https://www.becomeyogaschool.com Find out what it takes to become a yoga teacher and start your part time or full time job spreading a message you believe in! Become Yoga School includes 21 Modules and...

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3 Reasons Why NOW is the Perfect Time for Online Yoga Teacher Training

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021

"The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now." -- Anonymous

While much of the world is shut down for Coronavirus, you might be wondering if this is the right time to begin your Yoga Teacher Training program. Here are three reasons why now is the perfect time to start your online YTT.

  • You have free time. Maybe you’ve been furloughed or laid off. Maybe you have extra time because your university or college has been closed. Or maybe you just find you have extra time because your weekly church, sport, or club event has been postponed. The good news is you can use this extra time to FINALLY DO THE THING YOU’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT. You know that once we go back to “regular life,” we’re going to lose this blessing of time. So use it now while you have and make your dreams come true.


  • Everyone has moved online. Along with Yoga Alliance, many yoga teacher training programs across the world have moved from the studio to the internet....
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Do You Struggle with Chaturanga?

Thank you to Richy who suggested today’s video in the YouTube comments!! Turns out a lot of you loathe Chaturanga Dandasana, so we created a vinyasa flow for you with the perfect replacement.

Our latest YouTube video is a vinyasa-less vinyasa I'm calling 💥 ZERO CHATURANGA FLOW 💥 and it was shot in a super-secret spot in NYC. Can you guess where this is? (I might just tell you at the end of  the vid)!

This "Vinyasa-less Vinyasa" is designed for YOU if you want a zero chaturanga vinyasa flow. Sore wrists? Gaining upper body strength? Just don't like them? We've got you. The sequence replaces the famous "vinyasa" with a down dog, child's pose and plank pose.

Today's class will have you working with:

✨ Twisted High Lunge 
✨ Extended Twisted Low Lunge 
✨ Vinyasa flow consisting of Down Dog and Child's Pose




 Have requests for our next video? Comment on ...

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How to Build a Yoga Teaching Business From Scratch

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021

How to Build a Yoga Teaching Business
If you are planning on starting your own yoga teaching business, then you should properly prepare to successfully manage such an endeavor. Entrepreneurs are increasingly delving into this field due to its ever-expanding clientele who are in search of its mental and physical benefits. When it comes to converting yoga into a flourishing source of income, there are few tried and tested guidelines that you can follow. Follow these to establish a strong and bona fide yoga teaching business.

Acquire Your Yoga Certification
You should first acquire certification as a yoga instructor from an established authority. You can enroll in online yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses from certified yoga schools. If available in your area, you can also take an in-person YTT course, but they generally cost a lot more and require a long and strict schedule. In-person trainings can be 30 full days in person or numerous weekends over a year. They often run...

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A Sunset Salutation for Your Spine

Do you get stuck on back-to-back Zoom calls?

Sitting on the couch all day at a non-ergonomic laptop? Haven't seen the outdoors in days? I got your back... literally. 

Click on today's video for a free 15 Minute Sunset Salutation Flow to work on twists, back bends, side bends to reinvigorate your spine.

Today's class will have you working with:

  Side Bends to Forward Fold
  Warrior 3 to One Legged Tadasana
  Spinal Rotation -- 3 Ways


 Loved this week's video? Comment on today’s video with what was your favorite part or what you want to see next!

And if you have any requests for videos, DM us on Instagram @becomeyogaschool 

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Yoga For Your Core - A Quick 12 Minute Flow

Welcome, yogis to YouTube Wednesday! Every week we will add a new YouTube video, and you all on the newsletter get it first! Click on today's video for a free 12 Minute Yoga for Core Flow you can fit in any time. Today's class will have you working with:

  Cat & Cow Pose
  Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold
  Spinal Rotation

 Loved this week's video? Comment on today’s video with what was your favorite part or what you want to see next!

And if you have any requests for videos (thanks for answering my IG poll yesterday!)... DM us on Instagram @becomeyogaschool 


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A Sweaty, 50 Minute, Hip Opening Flow

Welcome, yogis! And congrats to those of you who finished even one day of the NEW YEAR, NEW YOGI program last week. Round of applause to Dannaliz, Michael and Lori who finished all twelve! 

We are continuing the flow in 2021 by adding one free class on YouTube every Wednesday, and you all on the newsletter get it first! Click on today's video for a free 50 Minute Hip Opening Flow! 

Today's class will have you working with:

  Tree Pose
  Sun Salutation A & B
  Chair Pose with a Twist 


 Loved this week's video? Comment on today’s video with what was your favorite part or what you want to see next!

And if you have any questions about yoga, yoga teacher training, the difference between Pilates and Yoga -- anything at all -- follow us on Instagram @becomeyogaschool so we can answer your DMs! 

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Why Your Online Yoga Class Isn't "Virtual"

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” – Donna J. Abernathy

Jewel here, the owner and lead instructor of Become Yoga School. As I write this blog, we are entering month 6 of the Covid-19 Quarantine of 2020. I have been fortunate enough to use this time well. I built the entirety of the 200 Hour Online YTT course offering of Become Yoga School. After teaching online classes at NEOU and signing up for the Talent Hack's Digital Business Accelerator, I was able to take my 5 weekly group classes to Zoom and start unlimited memberships for Rock Solid: Pilates and Rock Solid: Yoga. I was able to build a mailing list (with direction from Jess Glazer), create community in my Instagram (thanks, Jera Foster-Fell) and went on to work with marketing guru, Arielle Shingles to grow my own online yoga course, Become Yoga School.

I'm grateful that I can take my studio classes and sessions to an online format, but what I take a strong...

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The Perfect After Work Flow

Thank you to Ruby who suggested today's Yin Yoga video in the YouTube comments!! Today's 18-minute sequence is a healing flow of yin yoga poses made just for you. Click on today's video to work on forward folds, side bends, supported heart openers and a sweet, sweet Savasana. 

Today's class will have you working with:

 Heart openers like Sphinx and Puppy pose 
 Soft Twists to energize the spine
 Held forward folds to release stress



 Have requests for our next video? Comment on today’s video with the style or poses you want to see next! And if you have any requests for videos, DM us on Instagram @becomeyogaschool


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