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Begin your journey today to becoming a successful yoga teacher. Our 21 Modules include video, text and interactive exams, so you'll get a comprehensive program that prepares you to become a certified yoga instructor. Become Yoga School doesn't just give you a certification, we truly teach you how to powerfully and intelligently lead a yoga class and build a successful yoga business, completely online. 

222-Page Downloadable Manual

21 Modules including Asana, Anatomy, Yoga History, Ethics, Intelligent Sequencing and Mindful Communication. 

3 Video Teachbacks

Every trainee will complete 3 video teachbacks by the end of training, and will receive real feedback from Certified Yoga Instructors and Registered Yoga Teachers. 

76 Printable Pose Flashcards

Learn their names in English and Sanksrit and quiz yourself on anatomical cues and each pose's purpose.

Timelines to Graduate in 30, 60 or 90 Days

Keep yourself on track by following our graduation timelines. You can schedule the program into your life in as little as an hour a day.

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1. Yoga History & Philosophy

2. Yoga Posture Styles and Systems
3. Ethics and the Yoga Teacher
4. The Asanas
5. The What and Why of Sequencing
6. The Classic Sequence, Surya Namaskar

7. Video Teachback 1

8. Foundations of Anatomy
9. Skeletal Anatomy 
10. Muscular Anatomy Overview
11. Muscular Anatomy, Upper Body
12. Muscular Anatomy, Lower Body
13. Qualities of a Yoga Teacher
14. Mindful Communication
15. Video Teachback 2

16. Excellence in Sequencing
17. Dynamic Cueing
18. Intelligent Adjustments
19. Mantras, Dharma, Pranayama & Dyana
20. The Business of Yoga and The Yoga of Business
21. Video Teachback 3 

Pass all 21 Modules to Graduate!

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Become Yoga School has one goal:
Making you feel confident as a Certified Yoga Instructor. 

Our multi learning style course and exclusive suite of printables are designed specifically with you in mind. They are created to help you learn the material, deepen your understanding and apply it in your Video Teachbacks.



Self Practice Log

Log your Yoga Self Practice, write down improvements, reflections and more.

Asana Sheets

Break down each of the yoga poses with physical focus, alignment tips and cues. 

Sequencing Plans

Write out your sequence with individual poses to see how they line up together.

Class Planner

A grand overview of your entire class, including focus, props, music & sequences.



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Palapa, Brazil

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Florida, USA

"Thank you so much for this program! It is so great! I always dreamed of being a yoga teacher but couldn't take 6 months off of my life. I was able to graduate and start teaching on my own timeline! Thank you so much Team BYS."

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